What to Expect Post Construction?

Construction is a complex process, and it does not stop once the main phase has been completed. Post construction is a crucial aspect of any building project, ensuring that the construction has been completed to the highest standards and the property owner is completely satisfied.

Post construction is essential in helping to ensure that all loose ends are completed, and the building is handed over to the property owner in the very best condition and ready for occupancy. It is a thorough process, so we have taken a closer look at what to expect during the post construction phase.

What is post construction?

Post construction is the final process of ensuring the building is ready to be handed over. This typically begins sooner than most people will realize, often starting before the building has even begun. In order to conduct a thorough check, it is important to understand what the client is looking for, so it is crucial this checklist is compiled as soon as possible.

In order to achieve the very best final result, there are many processes in the post construction phase that must be followed, including:

Punch List

The first thing that will need to be undertaken is ensuring that every item on the punch list has been completed. A punch list is a document that details all of the work that still needs to be completed on the construction project. This list is everything that does not meet the contracted specifications and needs to be completed before any post construction processes can begin.

Walkthrough and Final Inspections

Once the punch list has been completed, a thorough walkthrough and final inspection are required. This is an incredibly important process and should be undertaken carefully alongside the architect, project manager, and other key personnel.

During this walkthrough, the team will examine every aspect of the construction to ensure that it meets the required specifications of the client. If there are any issues, they should be rectified immediately.

Once the final inspections have been completed and the construction meets every requirement, the Certificate of Substantial Completion should be signed. The local authorities will then confirm all permits and regulations have been met before issuing a Certificate of Occupancy.

Client Handover

There is no set time in the construction for the client handover to be completed, but once the final checks have been completed, the process should begin. Every building project is different, but during the handover process, the client should receive an operation or maintenance manual to ensure they understand how the various components in the building operate.

It is also often necessary to have the construction team remain in close contact with the building owner over the following months. This is to ensure that there are no unforeseen problems, but it can also be to ensure certain systems operate in different seasons. For example, it might not have been possible to check the heat performance or air conditioning systems during the winter or summer during the final checks. Commonly, many construction projects will have a follow-up review a year after completion to ensure the building is performing as expected.

Looking For Post Construction Services?

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