Professional. Experienced. Committed.

Mission Statement

At Heatherwood Construction Company, our mission is to construct new buildings, sometimes with ease and sometimes with difficulty, but always completed and always built on principle.

The Heatherwood Difference – Core Values

  1. To follow GOD and HIS WORD in everything we do…
  2. To carry ourselves with HONOR…
  3. To make time and to care for our FAMILIES…
  4. To lead, manage, and push forward with COURAGE…
  5. To hold ourselves, our associates, and our vendors ACCOUNTABLE for all responsibilities and actions…
  6. To always use sound judgment from our solid base of KNOWLEDGE and experience while maintaining a constant atmosphere of learning…


The Heatherwood Promise

At Heatherwood Construction Company, we will work diligently to meet the goals of your project. Our goal is to provide you with a positive building experience with quality that will enhance the value of your facility.

“Heatherwood Construction Company builds all of our practices and does a fantastic job.”

Michelle Carnes, Owner

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology (SCAN)

van Otterloo Family Campus for Learning

In the spring of 2022, Heatherwood Construction completed the van Otterloo Campus for The Guadalupe Center in Immokalee. This 36,000 sf independent school can accommodate up to 154 students in Guadalupe Center’s early childhood education program, as well as 125 high school students in the college-preparatory tutor corps program. The project features two academic buildings with multiple classrooms, a library, a learning lab, cafeteria and kitchen, playground, administrative offices, mentor lounges, commons areas, a medical and dental suite, outdoor gardens, an environmentally friendly retention pond and a student wall of fame.

Lakewood National Clubhouse and Fitness Center

Located at the Lakewood National Golf Club in Bradenton, FL, this amenities complex has five buildings that include a fitness center, clubhouse and pool all situated on a golf course by Arnold Palmer Design. Heatherwood is also building the new clubhouse next door to the amenity’s center.

The Pointe at Founders Square

Heatherwood Construction built this 40,000 sq. ft. high-end mixed-use retail space that houses a variety of locally known and national restaurants and retail and services stores. The project is located on the southeast corner of Immokalee Road and Collier Blvd in Naples, FL. This is a highly visible location creating maximum exposure for businesses within the plaza.