How to Source the Best Local Sustainable Building Materials

If you are looking to complete a Bonita Springs construction project, then ensuring you are utilizing the very best, most sustainable materials possible is essential. Buyers are increasingly looking for properties and extensions that are more eco-friendly and green, but finding the best materials can be challenging.

Sourcing local is one of the best ways of helping to reduce the carbon footprint, and many projects can benefit from choosing providers within 100 miles of their South West Florida construction site. Of course, finding the right suppliers who can provide trusted and high-quality materials is a significant challenge.

If you are a South West Florida residential builder, or you are completing major industrial construction, here are our top three tips to help you find sustainable, high-quality materials in your construction:

1) Plan Ahead

This might sound like an obvious tip, but many South West Florida home builders have tendencies to leave their planning to the relative last minute, preventing them from having enough time to conduct a thorough search.

Local suppliers often have a far greater understanding of the best materials to use, too. By thoroughly planning ahead, you will be able to establish precisely what materials are required within the construction and give you time to source them from local suppliers.

Working with local suppliers in your commercial construction will also ensure that you know exactly where the materials come from. You will be able to clearly see how the materials have been sourced and produced, guaranteeing you can enjoy the highest quality possible.

2) Utilize salvaged or reclaimed materials

In recent years, the use of salvaged or reclaimed materials has been on the rise. South West Florida constructions of all sizes, from home extensions to large commercial construction projects, have seen builders utilize these materials to great effect.

The rustic and beautiful aesthetic provided by these materials is incredibly popular. However, using these materials is also very sustainable. In 2018, 600 million tons of construction and debris waste were generated in the United States. While not all of this can be reused, taking the time to find suppliers of reclaimed materials can help you to reduce waste and utilize truly bespoke and unique items.

3) Utilize local directories

If you are a South West residential builder, when it comes to finding the most sustainable, high-quality materials for use in your commercial construction, there is no substitute for local knowledge. Utilizing local directories and taking the time to thoroughly research companies on the internet can yield significant results.

How we can help

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