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Post Construction

Punch List
At Heatherwood Construction we value the effort of communication and avoid future punch list items. We strive to build punch free buildings. As the project nears to a close, we will diligently and methodically walk the project with all involved to make sure everything is exactly the way it should be.

As-Built Drawings
As the project is under construction, any necessary deviances are noted on the “red-line” or as-built drawings. These drawings are formalized at the end of the project and distributed to our customer for ease of use in future endeavors.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals
Before the building is complete, our client will receive an operation and/or maintenance manual for the various components of the new building. The manuals will be organized and created for ease of use and maintenance of the building.

At project completion, all warranties will be organized and provided to the customer in a convenient and organized package for future use if necessary. Warranty calls may be called into our office or posted to our customer section of our website.