Commercial Construction Company - Serving the State of Florida

Pre Construction

Design Process
Heatherwood Construction Company will participate, evaluate, and lead the process of pre-construction including site location, master planning, program coordination, schematic design, preliminary architectural design, final architectural design, structural design, mechanical-electrical-plumbing design, final construction documents, landscaping design, interior design coordination, site design, building permitting and site permitting.

Moreover, Heatherwood Construction Company will provide input on costing, availability of materials, methods of construction, life-cycle costing, availability of resources, energy efficiency, etc. We will optimize the design and best use of materials and methods for each selection. Additionally, Heatherwood Construction Company will evaluate the Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) and various Systems (i.e. security, audio-visual, etc.) proposed for the project.

Heatherwood Construction Company will complete all the applicable building permit applications, gather required materials, and apply for the building and ancillary permits. Heatherwood will monitor the progress and outcome of the permits.

Moreover, Heatherwood Construction Company will review and analyze the building permit and impact fees to maximize accuracy and avoid unnecessary over payments.

Heatherwood Construction Company will consult with the civil engineer on the coordination and consultation with the fire department, water department and power-company.

Conceptual Cost Estimating
Heatherwood Construction Company will evaluate the costs of the project at each critical stage of design, i.e. 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% design drawings. We refer to this as a “Working Base Budget” from which to design and plan the project. The intent of the budget is to prepare a starting point of costs. This budget will be modified simultaneously as the design moves forward. It is very important to note that this budget can and will likely change dramatically based upon the decisions, selections, and design. This is where we “earn our fee”, by keeping the project on budget and/or by making informed design changes and modifying the project budget.