Commercial Construction Company - Serving the State of Florida

During Construction

Heatherwood Construction Company will staff the project with experienced and qualified supervision, project management, and administration as required for a successful project completion.

Material and Manpower Procurement
In today’s unusual marketplace, special attention is warranted to material, vendor, and subcontractor selections prior to the start of construction. Heatherwood will coordinate the procurement of materials and resources during the design and permitting process with review and approval of our customer. All subcontractor and vendor selections will be reviewed with our customer before issuance.

Safety and Work in Operational Areas
Safety is the number one concern of Heatherwood Construction Company. Many forget about safety or perhaps just talk about safety. One major accident or fatality makes everything else seem insignificant. Heatherwood Construction enforces the rules of OSHA and the Heatherwood Construction Company Safety Policy. We are committed to providing a safe work place. Additionally, we will evaluate and strictly maintain a program to manage any existing conditions or operation of our client.

At Heatherwood Construction Company, we value BETTER BEFORE CHEAPER. Our goal is to provide you with a QUALITY building that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for generations to come.

Scheduling and Production
Heatherwood Construction Company will complete and maintain an “Overall Project Schedule” to keep the entire project team on track. Heatherwood Construction Company will work  to coordinate realistic and achievable schedules. After the start of construction, Heatherwood manages the project schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis via weekly Job Progress Meetings and regular schedule updates.

Green Building Program
Heatherwood Construction Company is the builder for six LEED certified buildings in Collier County, perhaps more than anyone else. We are well versed in the use and various components of GREEN building systems. We will offer suggestions and recommendations and participate in the design process to complete a Green Building that fulfills the project requirements and fits into your overall budget.

Direct Material Purchase Program
Heatherwood Construction Company will set up and participate in a direct material purchase program for non-profit organizations which will allow you to save the sales tax dollars on major material purchases. This is an advantage offered to our not-for-profit clients.. We are well versed in the numerous nuisances of this program.